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In Bregenz local citizens and visitors enjoy equally the interaction of opposites:

On one side Lake Constance, on the other side the mountains. With the easy-going rythm of a small town of only 28,000 ctizens, and also the exciting offerings of an internationally ranked cultural center. This mixture, this flair, makes Vorarlberg's capital special. The city offers - and not only from the lake stage of the Bregenz Festival - the best views and scenery which energizes: cycling, hiking, swimming, a trip on a boat or a shopping trip, concerts, museums, galleries and so on - well, just MORE.

Bregenzer Hafen (c) Achim Mende

From gourmet-hotels in the medievel upper town to rooms in the center of the city, or the idyllic campsite right next to the lake: every visitor will find the right offer.

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MS Vorarlberg vor Bregenz

A stroll through Bregenz reveals, aside from the well known landmarks, some interesting surprises: for example, Europe's narrowest house-facade...

Pfaender (c) Heidegger

If you spend your holiday in Bregenz, you dont have to miss out on anything. Within a small area you will find: moutain and lake, city-life and countryside, excitement and relaxation...

Kunsthaus Bregenz Fuehrungen

Discover Bregenz: A guided tour is not only for collecting information but can also be fun and full of exciting stories.

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